Bismillah TechnoFeb

Porta Cabins

Bismillah Techno Feb provides Portacabin manufacturing services in Karachi, Pakistan. The manufacturing facility is located at Karachi Port and engages in manufacturing of porta cabins activity at both industrial/ commercial and other levels. The product range covers:

At Bismillah Techno Feb we have had the pleasure of serving a variety of public and private sector clientele. Combining quality engineering with enhanced aesthetics and regularly experimenting with new interior products; provides us with an excellent opportunity to make new introductions while maintaining costs and in some cases even reducing without compromising on quality. Offices, residences, warehouses, washrooms, changing rooms, kitchens, laundry, you name it and we can make it. Petroleum field companies are specially encouraged to go for such modular solutions for their on field uses Porta Cabin has been established to handle the growing demands in short term event management, residential, maritime, oil & gas industries. Our commitment to quality and durable unites at competitive prices, with fast and reliable services to facilitate all your requirements.

  1. Residential Container.
  2. Office Container.
  3. Kitchen & Wash Room Container.
  4. Mobile Lab / Testing Facilities Container. Any other requirement as per customer desire.

Our in house design and fabrication facilities for manufacturing of porta cabins and other associated steel fabrication allows us to provide a wide variety in the following aspects:

  1. Interior design (wallpaper, wooden/ pvc paneling, lamination sheets etc).
  2. Space adjustments as per requirement.
  3. Outer aesthetics and paint etc.
  4. Choice of desired electrical and toilet fittings.
  5. We cater to any additional requirements of our customers.